Puppy Training in South East London

Tried and tested by hundreds of happy dogs (and owners)

Canine companions can enrich our lives in countless ways – But communication breakdowns can lead to frustration for both dog and owner.

Informed by a number of training methodologies and driven by a genuine wish to see you and your dog get on, I offer a personalised approach to dog training in South East London. Whether you're struggling with establishing basic commands, have a particular behaviour want to address or are at your wits end with a new puppy, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.







You deserve an obedient dog – and your dog deserves to be rewarded for good behaviour!

Let's work together – Email support@janbdogtraining.com, or complete my contact form to arrange a consultation.

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 How can I help you and your dog?

Behaviour Modification 

Dogs of all breeds and temperaments can struggle with anxieties, reactivity or unwanted behaviours, which can range from an annoyance to dangerous.

Harnessing the lessons from many years of dog training, I offer a personalised approach to behaviour modification that accounts for both the hardwired instincts and their individual personality of your canine friend.

Obedience Training 

Obedience isn't just about teaching your dog tricks – It's about building a strong foundation for a fulfilling relationship.

My training sessions are designed to be a positive learning experience for both you and your dog, focusing on fostering trust through positive reinforcement techniques. The result is a better-behaved canine companion, a mutual respect between the two of you and a happier relationship.

Puppy Training 

The first few months of a puppy's life are the most crucial for setting your dog up for success, with every learned behaviour having repercussions further down the line.

My customised puppy training in South East London goes beyond staple commands and instead focuses on creating a positive association with training and building strong communication skills. With a bit of positive reinforcement, I am to create a great start to your puppy's new relationship with you.

Virtual Training 

Live a bit too far away for my in-person dog training in South East London? Not to worry!

I offer convenient virtual dog training, giving you everything you need to train a happy and contented dog from the convenience of your own home. Whether you wish to tackle a particular behaviour with an intensive session or need some general advice from an experienced trainer, you set the tone.




 Canine help is here

Get in touch to discuss my training options at support@janbdogtraining.com

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How can you book my dog training in South East London?

  • Simply get in touch with me at support@janbdogtraining.com or complete my online contact form.
  • Following the payment of a £25 deposit, we'll arrange an in-depth consultation to discuss your dog, the issues you're facing and any details I need to be aware of. It may be that our conversation is able to provide you with a starting point for your own training!
  • I'll then schedule you in for your first session, either in-person or remotely. In the meantime, I'll design a customised roadmap for your dog's training, charting a clear course between where your dog currently is and where you want them to be.