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My approach to training better-behaved dogs

Hi, I'm Jack. Thank you for visiting JanB Dog Training.

My life and career as a dog behaviourist in London have seen me work with everything from working dogs to my own Belgian shepherd. These experiences not only instilled in me a deep respect for dog training, but also a deep understanding of its complexities across breeds, personalities and owners.

Above all else, my dog training in South East London isn't about the work – It's about the uniquely rewarding experience of seeing a dog and owner come to understand one another.







I've helped 350+ dogs, and I'd love to do the same for yours.

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Tailored Training for every Dog

It's common knowledge that dogs have their own individual personalities and quirks. Can we really expect one training methodology to work for every dog?

This is a trap I've seen other trainers fall into – When they come across a dog who doesn't respond to classic positive reinforcement, they're stumped! My dog training in South East London instead draws on a range of methodologies and techniques, allowing me to tweak my approach if a dog turns out to not be receptive to positive reinforcement.

After all, there are no one-size-fits-all approaches to teaching people – Why would there be a one-size-fits-all approach to training dogs? Plus, for your peace of mind, I am fully insured, ensuring that both you and your dog are protected throughout our training journey together.

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Building Bonds Beyond Commands

Some people are surprised when I tell them that training an owner is just as important as training the owner, but it's true. No matter how many sessions the three of us have together, you're the one who spends most of your day in your dog's company!

With this in mind, I (gently) make sure you know what's expected of you following a session and how to build on the lessons learned. I can show you how to train your dog and crack the door ajar, but it's up to you to open the door fully with consistent training outside our sessions.

Of course, if you need a little bit of extra help following our sessions then you need only get in touch with WhatsApp.




Experience across all Breeds and Ages

Over my years as a trainer, I've trained everything from serious behavioural issues in working dogs to classic commands for first-time owners.

This exposed me not just to the sheer range of vibrant personality types and temperaments our canine friends can have, but a whole plethora of breeds across all ages. Whether you're the owner of a feisty young terrier, a stubborn hound or a lazy lap dog, I've almost certainly worked with something similar.

Whatever their temperament or motivations, I'm confident we can work together to chart an effective yet fun training course for you and your furry friend.


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FAQs I hear as dog behaviourist in South East London

Where are the dog training sessions held?

I offer training sessions wherever suits you and your dog the most, such as the comfort of your home or a familiar park. If you are struggling with certain behaviours like aggression towards other dogs or lead pulling that would be better off tackled ‘in the real world', however, I'll work to find somewhere that's mutually convenient.

Do you offer group training classes?


I am currently focusing on personalised training sessions – However, I am working on group training sessions behind the scenes and will hopefully have this ready to launch by the end of 2024.

Stay tuned for more!

What areas do you cover?


While I am positioned in Swanscombe, I am more than happy to travel up to 20 miles. This covers most of London, south Essex and most of North Kent. Find out more about my exact coverage here, or get in touch if you're not sure if I can get to you – I'm always willing to travel slightly further for the right price.


What does it mean to ‘train the owner?'

Just like you'd struggle to learn a new language overnight, we'll struggle to permanently alter your dog's behaviour over the course of a single session.

My dog training in South East London therefore aims to show you the way, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to ‘speak dog' by understanding their body language, motivations and how to best reinforce desired behaviours. To put it another way, I'm not just training your dog – I'm showing you how to train your dog yourself.

How do I know if it's my dog or me who needs the training?

Good question!

Signs it might be your dog:

Behaviours that point towards a lack of training or understanding of expectations like chewing furniture, barking or lead pulling.
A lack of motivation or confusion with commands
Consistent ignoring of commands

Signs it might be you:

Frustration with or feeling overwhelmed during training sessions.
Inconsistent training or enforcing of commands
Difficulty understanding your dog's body language

My dog has aggressive tendencies – Can you still help?

Absolutely – However, we would first need to have a consultation to discuss your dog's specific case, the severity of the aggression and any patterns you've noticed, so that I can decide the best course of action.

Just get in touch via my contact form, or email me at

How long until I see results?


Unfortunately, there's no quick and easy answer. Not only are no two dogs the same, this depends on whether you are able to maintain the training plan between our sessions.

However, I take some pride in the fact that many of my past clients have seen improvements after just one 60-90-minute training session – Read them for yourself here!

Can I reach out if I have questions between our sessions?

Yes – You can always reach me at WhatsApp.