Obedience training for dogs






Setting you and your dog up for success

We all love our canine friends – But unruly behaviour and a lack of obedience can strain even the strongest bond between dog and owner.

My approach to obedience training is about more than just basic commands and tricks. It aims to create a foundation of trust, respect and communication, making a great start to or building upon a fulfilling relationship between you and your dog.







In short, my obedience training is an investment in your happiness and your dog's general wellbeing.

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What can my obedience training for dogs address?

  • General unwanted behaviours like barking at strangers and jumping on guests, instead helping your dog to learn more appropriate ways of expressing themselves and managing their emotions. 
  • Creating a strong recall for both your dog's safety and your peace of mind, especially in public spaces, giving you and your dog the freedom to explore without constant worry. 
  • Staple commands like sit, stay, drop it or leave it.
  • Constant or excited lead pulling, instead teaching your dog to calmly match your pace for more enjoyable walks and outings.