Behaviour Modification for Dogs





Both nipping smaller issues in the bud and tackling bigger behaviours

Are you starting to dread walks on account of random barking? Struggling with destructive behaviours throughout the home? Wondering why your once-lively dog seems to have become anxious?

These behaviours, while stressful to deal with by themselves, are nearly always reactive and a sign of a deeper issue that needs to be addressed. My behaviour modification training aims to understand this root cause, considering everything from breed instincts to past experiences, before building a personalised training plan to address their behaviour.








What's included in my behaviour modification for dogs?

An initial consultation so that I can get to grips with both the exact behaviour you're looking to modify and your dog as a whole – Instead of approaching them as an example of a breed, I aim to understand each dog as an individual.
Effective behaviour modification goes hand-in-hand with a stronger bond between you and your dog. My sessions are as educational for owners as they are for dogs, teaching you more about your dog's body language so you can anticipate and address their needs.
You'll also receive ongoing support and guidance outside of our sessions, helping you to maintain the progress we've made together and troubleshoot any issues.