Puppy Obedience Training





Their roadmap from happy pup to happy dog

Puppies can be endless sources of joy and entertainment – Or an endless source of frustration and stress.

Raising a puppy is a uniquely exciting yet challenging time, and my puppy training services are here to make this time the start of a beautiful friendship between you and your dog. This training hones in on the fundamentals of raising a young dog to make this period one filled with happy memories, as your happy and well-trained puppy grows into a happy and well-behaved dog.







Don't let puppyhood be filled with frustration – JanB Dog Training is here to help.

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What does my puppy obedience training cover?

  • The fundamentals of dog socialisation by providing your puppy with safe and supervised spaces for them to interact with other dogs and people.
  • Basic obedience training with basic commands like ‘sit', ‘stay' and ‘here', laying a solid foundation for your puppy's future behaviour.
  • Effective housetraining techniques, aiming to turn accidents from daily disasters into occasional (if that) mistakes with toilet scheduling and training.
  • Tackling common puppy behaviours like chewing furniture, jumping on houseguests and barking for attention, setting your puppy on the path to good behaviour.
  • Ongoing support outside of our sessions together to answer any questions and address any challenges that crop up.